[MtG] Using Monetary Investment as a Reason for Not Banning

We’ve heard it plenty of times: Wizards doesn’t want to ban certain cards, because people have a lot of money invested in their decks and they don’t want to ruin that.

Well, that’s kind of absurd.

I have plenty of money invested in Standard cards. I guess I shouldn’t call it investing, because I don’t really sell them, ever, at least not for profit, but still, I have hundreds of euros worth of Standard cards. Hard to say exactly how much.

And now I’m not going to be able to use those cards. I’m not planning on taking part in any Standard tournaments in the near future, because I don’t want to play against that fucking Copy Cat deck or the stupid Mardu Vehicles ever again. I dislike the current Standard enough to just not play. So, I’m not getting what want from my cards. Clearly I’m not the only one, because I keep hearing that attendance at Standard FNMs, for example, has been dropping fast.

Therefore, if Wizards is taking into account the amount of money used on cards in their banning decisions, they are doing it wrong. Its not about the people with the 100 euros invested in [scryfall]Saheeli Rai[/scryfall]s, its the rest of us, who have whole decks we can’t use, because why would we even bother going to the events?

I wasn’t even losing to the Copy Cat that much and I actually had a deck that could beat it pretty consistently, but going to a tournament and having to play the match-up three times in a row is not what I look for in the hobby. And on top of that, I would then run into the Mardu Vehicles decks and just lose to the diversity of threats I can’t answer. I want to love the game, but Wizards is just making it very hard right now.

Same with [scryfall]Sensei’s Divining Top[/scryfall]. People were sick of playing against Miracles, so people were playing less. How much does the investment of the people with the Tops really weigh against the investment of everyone else?

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