Standard Deck Time: GW Heroic

I was watching a match on SCG, where there was a WU Heroic versus GW Megamorph. At one point, the latter put the former into a very bad position by playing a Boon Satyr on a Den Protector to bypass blockers on the Heroic side.

My thought: Why wouldn’t the other side use this evasion?

Well, probably because it wouldn’t work, but you never know.

The idea here is to ditch the blue (which some heroic decks have already done) and put in more green cards instead.

Another green creature, that might work in this kind of deck, is Managorger Hydra. It can grow without commitment, unlike the actual heroic creatures.

The problem is that there aren’t many white or green cards that grant evasion. There’s the white cards that give protection from a color, but that might not be enough in a world with Thopters and morphs. Of course, some opponents will be able to block by simply having creatures that don’t share colors.

Gladly, at least the Hydra has Trample.

So, what about this:

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