Magic Origins Brews, pt. 2 – Jace & Liliana

Yes, these two working together. Although, Jace was leaked and the pictures aren’t very good, so, here’s Liliana.


Jace is a looter and if you have enough cards in your graveyard (five), he flips. The planeswalker reduces the power of a creature by 2 until your next turn (+1), casts an instant or sorcery from your graveyard (-3) or gives you an emblem for milling your opponent (-9). These are all pretty useless in this deck. We want the looter, although being able reuse Thoughtseize at opportune moments is often great.

This probably isn’t a workable idea, but I’d like to try it anyhow, black and blue being my favorite colors, so I would like this to work. Anyhow, here’s an idea.

So, we have draft stalwarts Palace Familiar and Jeskai Sage to chump block early to fill the graveyard and draw us cards. Dakra Mystic and Jace have similar roles. Liliana can also fill the graveyard, as well as the eight fetches. The deck might even use a Flooded Strand or Bloodstained Mire or two for tihs purpose.

All this to get out an early Tasigur or a Zombie Fish. Corpseweft competes for the same resources, so we could probably cut it for something else. Ashiok brings another angle the deck can fight from.

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