Self-Appointed Flavor Judge: Sidisi, Brood Tyrant

This is perhaps more of Lauri’s department, but I’m going there.


Being a loyal member of the Sultai brood (as long as it suits me, of course, you know, the Sultai way), I can’t help but wonder why our beloved Queen would deign to go into combat? Sure, she’s capable (I, having lost to Lauri, wouldn’t dare face her), but that’s not everything. Its an unnecessary risk, and also the reason we have all the zombies to throw at our enemies. She doesn’t have to go to the frontlines to find more corpses, now does she?

Still, her card requires her to attack to trigger the ability. Are we supposed to believe that army of zombies came from her personally gathering them from the battlefield?

In combat, she’s the weakest of all the khans (with all due respect, m’lady). (Sure, [scryfall]Zurgo Helmsmasher[/scryfall] will be weaker in certain situations, but those situations don’t happen.) And well, to be honest, she doesnt’t even match that well against many of the opposing troops, because there are plenty of pachyderms out there, as well as demons and all sorts of beasts. And ogres. Sometimes burning ones.

Sidisi loses to all of these in close combat and they seem to be everywhere. We don’t wish to risk her needlessly. Sure, we’ll risk her once we feel like losing her will bring us more power, but she’s aware of this and wouldn’t risk herself just to please us. Despite being born into her situation, she’s crafty and has had to work to keep her station. There’s plenty of nagas out there, ready to take her down.

I just feel her ability should be triggered from something else. I don’t know what it could be, but this doesn’t feel right. At the prerelease, I would often attack with her just to trade (which was often good for me because of the trigger) and my opponent was often forced to take the trade, because they didn’t want me bringing more zombies into play. The ability is quite strong, so you can’t have it trigger too easily, but you should find a better way to do this.

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