Standard Deck Time: Monogreen Aggro

I’ve been a bit burnt out lately with my Suicide Black deck. Its still pretty good, but I just don’t seem to have the fire to play with it that I used to, so I’m getting sloppy. This means its time to look for something different. Gladly, some guy called Mason Lange played a monogreen aggro deck in a recent StarCityGames Open. That seemed like something to build on.

Lange’s list:

He finished sixth. However, just looking at the list, it seems to me its pretty unfocused and I think I can do better. Also, I’m going to do this in a budget manner, dropping at least Scavenging Oozes and Nylea, God of the Hunt. Well, I do have a Scavenging Ooze already, so maybe one can make the deck. Also, I’ve picked up a full set of Boon Satyrs over time from drafts, so they aren’t going to cost anything and I’m borrowing the Mutavaults from my Suicide Black deck for the time being.

First, why Elvish Mystic? He didn’t seem to ever tap them for mana and mostly used them for attacking. However, in that situation, they are pretty awkward, because they can’t really attack into the most ubiquitous creaturea around: Mutavault. Therefore, why not use a more aggressive creature in its stead. For example, the Dryad Militant from the sideboard.

Second, I think I’m going to need something to push the last few points of damage through. Gladly, someone at my LGS at had the perfect answer: Aspect of Hydra. Seems like something you’d play in your draft deck, but won’t necessarily be something you’d be glad to play. However, I think we can make it work. We are already going to be high on devotion for Reverent Hunter and I think we can go even further. It seems bad to play Swordwise Centaur when its strictly worse than Kalonian Tusker, but its also still a very good early beater, which gives plenty of devotion to boot.

Also, I was thinking about putting in a few Slitherheads, but I don’t think it will be very good. On the other hand, one-drops are not plentiful and it can give a boost later on, if it isn’t Last Breathed. I like the Ranger’s Guiles in the main deck, but I don’t think we’ll have room for them. At least not at first. Maybe we’ll try them later, if it seems like we need to.

So, our list, as it currently stands:

Not sure about the list. Those Slaughterhorns are more versatile than the Aspects, but Aspect has more potential. Maybe I should drop the Hunters in favor of the ‘Horns?

The sideboard is… just there. In a deck with such a low curve, I like Skylasher more than Mistcutter Hydra. Otherwise I’d go the other way. Disciples are there for burn and the rest are for Monoblack Devotion… I guess. Will work against other decks, too.

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