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Its been about five months, but we did indeed return to Bell End (since this is a recurring theme in the blog, I went back and tagged the previous posts for your (well, mine too) convenience. I also added the framework I used to the Resources page.

Not that I followed it that much…

When I started to think about this sequel, I wanted two things: I wanted to bring back stuff from the previous games and I wanted to put it into a new surrounding, which would make sense both based on what had happened before and would work as a horror setting. So, I had the whole thing happen in an abandoned mental hospital. How did this fit what had happened before? The killer in the original Bell End was put into a mental hospital and I decided that the place had been since abandoned and taken over by the strange demon (which I named, although that name didn’t come up and as far as I’m concerned, nothing is set in stone before it actually happens “on camera”).

I brought back things from the previous installments by bringing back broken versions of lost characters. I left out those who had died on camera, but if there was any vagueness, they were in, except for Lauri’s previous character Pierre Moreau, who I left out in case Lauri wants to use him for something. I had left one character in the first part in a burning house, so I brought him back with massive burns. In the same scenario, one of the characters was pushed face first through a window onto the a street, where he fell on his back. In the mental hospital he was strapped paralyzed into a wheelchair. The two characters left in another dimension were brought back, too. The author who was dependent on his glasses and lost them, had strapped a couple of bottle bottoms to his face, and the explorer was left to guard the asylum and feed the inmates with raw meat he hunted down.

I also put the original killer in there, but this time she had become an actual hazard due to her experiences over the years, first in the mental hospital, then as a prisoner of the demon. I had planned to put more people in there, maybe just as foreshadowing if the series is continued, but that didn’t happen due to time constraints. There was one other person, but he, she or it wasn’t really seen, so I didn’t decide who it actually was. Maybe it will come up later.

This time, only one of the characters got killed and I left one (Lauri’s) character in the mental hospital. There were two actual survivors, who got out. At least out of the mental hospital and its immediate vicinity. Then the cameras faded out, so we don’t actually know what happened to them, but I think I’m losing my touch, just a little bit.

The funny part (to me) is that the major villain in this was just something I threw in there to have more hazards in the framework. There were other much more malicious forces in that scenario, but apparently the thing mutating the painting was just that much more memorable.

Well, I hope this wasn’t too injokey, for the new players or you, the reader, but I do like to write about this. I like how this thing has evolved from pretty random ideas into a series with no main characters, except maybe for the bad guy, just like so many well-known horror franchises. The demon has evolved, but we don’t really know much about it.


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  1. We really need to get back on this at some time. Though I actually disliked my previous character (too insane and unplayable) I think there was something in his past that could be used to heighten the story in following instalments.

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