Vikings: Dark Thyra

And on to the black…

Black is the color of ambition and amorality. They are the central color in our set. They are the ones out for personal gain. They are probably the least flashy of the vikings, but they are everywhere. Since sacrifices are mainly a black thing, black is probably also the color of priests.

Our legendary creature for black is…

Dark Thyra
Legendary Creature – Human Shaman 1/5, 1BB
Whenever an opponent sacrifices a creature, draw a card.
Grandeur -— Discard another card named Dark Thyra: Each opponent sacrifices a creature.

Obviously, since this is black, the draw is not a “may”, so if an opponent manages to pull off the wrong combo, you are screwed. But, hey that’s black for you. Otherwise, this is very build-around creature. The set probably needs an edict and maybe a [scryfall]Fleshbag Marauder[/scryfall] of some sort to make this gal usable in this environment. I want people to want to put her in their decks when they get her P1P1.

In EDH its very much usable either way, even if you can’t ever abuse the Grandeur-power (its not impossible, but its very hard to do), because the game has so many ways of forcing your opponents to sacrifice and players want to sacrfice anyhow, so you are probably blocking many strategies. (I’d put [scryfall]Cremate[/scryfall] in my deck to stop the worst shenanigans, although I usually do anyway. Its a great card in EDH.)

Maybe I should put these parts first, because I am making these top down. Here we go anyway…

Dark Thyra is an elderly woman, who rules her lands through her weak-willed son, who inherited the land from his father. Her true power comes from her religious status. Although most sacrifice on their own, everyone knows that if you wish to really reach the gods with your offers, you need to call on Dark Thyra. She has a price, though.

Part of the price is coming to her. She generally remains in her house, where she hoards all sorts of idols of gods and mystical objects from wherever the vikings raids. She has learned of the forthcoming Twilight of Gods through the loot and through talking with the gods. She has been accumulating allies and information ever since, trying to find a way to survive.

Recently, one of her many tactics for survival has been to kill those kings and jarls who are not listening to her. She does this by sending her assassins to poison them. Also, she is fighting against the foreign religions pushing into what she feels is her domain.

Her lands are pretty prosperous despite being very north and not seeing the sun for months in the winter and the land being very poorly suited for agriculture. This is mostly her accomplishment as she brings in a lot of revenue through her religious work.

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