EDH Deck Time: Unesh

Apparently there is finally a monoblue legendary sphinx that’s worth playing (sorry, Alhammarret, High Arbiter, but you really aren’t worth playing in EDH).

Let’s do something with it.

Well, first of all, your group needs to be pretty casual for this to work, because tapping out with a monoblue on turn six is not a good idea. If you are playing a Sphinx-tribal, you can’t really play creatures before that either. Well, you probably should play something in the early curve as well.

We aren’t definitely playing all Sphinxes either. Just the best ones. Well, the better ones. Some of them just aren’t impactful enough. I’m still going to put in some I wouldn’t play otherwise, just to play them.

Note that I’ve made the decision to follow both EDH banned lists (Committee one and the WotC one), so this stops me from playing certain cards.

I don’t like the curve, but I never do and with a theme like this, what can you do? It will just be on the upper end. Double-spelling is not going to be easy with this one (expect maybe counterspells).

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