Standard Deck Time: Monoblue Artifacts

This deck would probably be better with some red in it. Red would give you [scryfall]Shrapnel Blast[/scryfall], but we can do without.

Actually, this isn’t strictly an artifact deck, but rather a bunch of cards which have bunch of synergies with each other. This hasn’t been tested in any way, but would seem like fun. Probably very good for casual, but since the core is completely from M15, this will actually survive rotation and could be pretty good after we get rid of [scryfall]Supreme Verdict[/scryfall].

[scryfall]Ensoul Artifact[/scryfall] is a strong card. In this case, I’ll be using it for the same purposes you use it in limited: to either animate [scryfall]Darksteel Citadel[/scryfall]s, or [scryfall]Ornithopter[/scryfall]s. Each has its own strengths. Indestructibility is nice and a flying 5/5 is very good too.

[scryfall]Ornithopter[/scryfall] has three other purposes. Its free to cast, so it can be used to bring out [scryfall]Illusory Angel[/scryfall] early. Although it has 0 power, it can attack and will therefore be used to trigger [scryfall]Military Intelligence[/scryfall]. Lastly, it can be used to convoke, so basically its extra mana.

Now, there aren’t many blue cards with convoke in M15 (or in fact anywhere, as convoke was originally a Selesnya mechanic, meaning there were only white and green cards with it in Ravnica block), however, there is one: [scryfall]Chief Engineer[/scryfall].

There are over hundred colorless artifact cards in Standard, currently. Which ones to use? [scryfall]Soul of New Phyrexia[/scryfall] is obviously tempting, but since our Chief doesn’t really help with the activation cost, its not what we want. We want [scryfall]Scuttling Doom Engine[/scryfall]. I guess at first, people didn’t really appreciate the card, but now you see it everywhere.

If we are going to be drawing extra cards with [scryfall]Military Intelligence[/scryfall], why not angle that for some counters on [scryfall]Chasm Skulker[/scryfall]? Also, if the Skulker gets killed, you’ll have plenty of creatures to either trigger the Intelligence, or use to convoke out the Doom Engine.

We need to protect ourselves somehow, so how about an [scryfall]Aetherspouts[/scryfall] in the deck, as well as maybe a [scryfall]Polymorphist’s Jest[/scryfall]. We could of course actually put some usable cards as well, such as a playset of [scryfall]Omenspeaker[/scryfall]s, although that would require us to move outside M15, but we can live with that.

The full list:

4 Omenspeaker
4 Chasm Skulker
4 Chief Engineer
4 Ornithopter
4 Scuttling Doom Engine
4 Illusiory Angel
4 Ensoul Artifact
4 Military Intelligence
1 Aetherspouts
3 Polymorphist’s Jest
4 Darksteel Citadel
4 Mutavault
16 Island

Now, if we could only find a way to abuse [scryfall]Jace, the Living Guildpact[/scryfall]s first ability somehow.

… and we’ll lose the [scryfall]Mutavault[/scryfall] pretty soon, but not soon enough.

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