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Apparently Google will be covering up the search terms even more then they do it now. I guess that’s good, but I did want to wait for a good set of search terms to write this, but that day will perhaps never come, so I’ll have to do this with only four interesting search terms which have brought people to this blog.

Note: Since the owner of the browser can (and usually do by default) also prevent the browser from telling the referrer to the page, oftentimes we just don’t get these for our statistics anyway. Google’s new policies are one more way to keep them from us. On the other hand, since this isn’t business, and I’m not into trying to use these to drive traffic to our site, this is fine. I just like to know.

did richard garfield get a demon possession

Does someone think this? Is there a rumour running around? Does someone suppose Richard Garfield sold his soul to make the money he has made with MtG? After all, he did hold on to the rights to the game until Hasbro bought out Wizards of the Coast and could therefore get a good deal on the only reason Hasbro was even interested in WotC in the first place (I doubt Hasbro was interested in D&D that much). Is this just some lone lunatic, who is worried about this for some reason? (Probably. After all there’s a couple of billion of us with access to Internet, so there’s plenty of nuts out there.)

Perhaps this has something to do with the evangelical fears that everything having to do something with magic, such as Harry Potter, has to have some satanic intent. So, MtG must have such an agenda as well. I guess religious people have problems distinguishing between fact and fiction because they live believing in fiction.

how will you protect kiora

I love it how people still ask questions from the search engines. I guess that humanizes the process somewhat or something, and for some reason AskJeeves (among others) encouraged this back in the day. I just found this approach funny. It also humanizes Kiora (a planeswalker from MtG) and if you didn’t know who she is, you might think this is about some sort of educational PSA or something. You know, Kiora being a small kid on her way to school and drug dealers are pushing their wares on her. Then some B-list celebrity comes on the screen and asks you how will you protect little, innocent Kiora.

demonic possession letters

Is someone worried about this? Probably brought up pretty much the same page as the first one. Still, I’d like to know what the person using these terms were thinking. If you search this up, you’ll get plenty of biblical links, but funnily enough, ours is the first and description of the link looks like this:

Feb 14, 2014 – The second letter was much more interesting. It bring out demonic possession and end up nearly killing the whole group. The rough translation …

I guess if you’re looking for some biblical explanation of a phenomena, this wouldn’t really tell you what to expect on this block.

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What? Probably just a missclick of some sort, but still, I found this funny. This is probably where you insert birds chirping or something.

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