Vikings: Eirik the Green

And finally… the green.

Green is about growth, so our green is about exploration. These would be the vikings who went west into Iceland, Greenland, and even North America in search of new places to settle.

Although, in reality, it wasn’t restlessness alone that forced these people to move, but often other circumstances. However, since this is fantasy, we can take the more romantic approach.

Eirik the Green
Legendary Creature – Human Scout 3/3, 1GG
T: Search your library for a basic land card, reveal it and put it into your hand. Shuffle your library afterwards.
Grandeur — Discard another card named Eirik the Green: You may play an extra land this turn. Use this ability only during your own turn.

Again, the name will change at some point, but we’re going with this for now.

I like the interplay of these two abilities. Actually three. Vigilance + tapping ability is an old standby, but it works. Its usually more of a white thing, but vigilance seems to be secondary or tertiary in green (its seen about once per set, if even that), so it can get its share of the fun… at least in a mythic rare. Attacking, then finding a land and playing it on turn four seems pretty good to me. Of course, the Grandeur ability does have a huge variance, as you might have played all your lands by the time Eirik is online.

Eirik is a illegimate son of a famous king. Cast out of his own country due to his brothers, the current king, fears of usurpers, which are quite warranted in this day and age, Eirik has been moving around for a very long time. Bad luck seems to follow him. Whenever he has settled down, some calamity (fights with neighbors, bad weather, destroyed crops, disease among animals) forces him to move, although some say he uses any excuse to get back on the road.

Never mind his bad luck, Eirik has stretched the limits of the known world. He has found several islands, which have soon become inhabited by others, and some places people tried to settle but failed.

Eirik takes his poor fortunes in a stride, thinking this is the natural way of things. He just keeps pushing on. To him, this is a survival situation and he would much rather be on the open seas, finding new lands, then coping with the politics of his brothers court, although he is sometimes funded by members of the court behind his brother’s back, when he lacks the funds himself.

There are many stories about Eirik, some true, some not, but in either case, he is quite famous, even if he really doesn’t want to be.

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