Standard Rotation 2013, part 5

Just some more ideas. I’ve settled on the Red Tokens deck for now. I don’t really know if its viable, but its the sort of deck I’ll probably enjoy playing, which is important too. We’ll get back to that deck later. First some more discarded (for now) ideas.

New [scryfall]Jackal Pup[/scryfall]

Now that [scryfall]Thragtusk[/scryfall] is dead, maybe RDW is viable again. Actually, now that we have [scryfall]Firedrinker Satyr[/scryfall], maybe Sligh is viable. Sligh is all about using all your resources as efficiently as possible. the Satyr is something you can pump your mana into, if you have no other dumps. At the same time, it makes use of life as a resource more than red usually does, so it will have a lot of room to work. [scryfall]Hammer of Purphoros[/scryfall] also supports this strategy, as at least you won’t have dead land draws any longer.

Maybe we could abuse cards like [scryfall]Madcap Skills[/scryfall]. It would make [scryfall]Akroan Crusader[/scryfall]’s heroic trigger, make [scryfall]Two-Headed Cerberus[/scryfall]’ double strike really, really good, and so on. We’ll have to see if there are more heroic cards coming in the set. It still needs a lot to be linear enough to make up for all the weaknesses. Also, the aforementioned [scryfall]Firedrinker Satyr[/scryfall] into [scryfall]Madcap Skills[/scryfall] seems like an irresistable, maybe even with a [scryfall]Burning-Tree Emissary[/scryfall] in the middle.


How about a [scryfall]Pack Rat[/scryfall]? This is a bomb in sealed and draft, but hasn’t seen constructed play expect for a sideboard here and there. However, [scryfall]Erebos, God of the Dead[/scryfall] really, really likes the rats once they get going. After all, each copy also has the casting cost of the original, as they are complete copies. Maybe we could use the rats to keep the god going?

Being a great fan of black, this idea, coupled with the [scryfall]Whip of Erebos[/scryfall], seems pretty good. Especially if we can keep the game long. Whipping the Rat back into life doesn’t stop us form copying it and keeping the copy.

I just don’t know where to go with this. [scryfall]Desecration Demon[/scryfall] would be great, but I don’t think we enough great creature to go with this deck… Not sure though. Anyhow, since this is black, we’ll probably get back on this eventually.

Back to the Tokens

Ok, so, I introduced a deck last week. I’m going to try that build. I just dropped the [scryfall]Mutavault[/scryfall]s in favor of more mountains, just because I don’t won’t to pay 50 euros for a playset.

However, we were missing a sideboard. The thing is, I suck at this. I should be better. After all, unless you always win or lose in two games, you play more games sideboarded. I’m just not aware enough of the field to know what to prepare for. I’ll just go with pretty general strategies, so I’ll go with the following:

[cardlist title=Red Tokens sideboard]
2 Act of Treason
1 Anger of the Gods
2 Mindsparker
2 Mizzium Mortars
4 Possibility Storm
4 Vandalblast

So, for aggro, we have more [scryfall]Mizzium Mortars[/scryfall] and [scryfall]Anger of the Gods[/scryfall]. Hopefully they’ll be enough for some midrange decks as well.

[scryfall]Mindsparker[/scryfall] and [scryfall]Possibility Storm[/scryfall] are for control. After all, those decks will have a lot of problems answering it, while I don’t often mind going through my deck finding something else. My few cards with targets are versatile enough, although hitting legendary cards might cause problems. On the other hand, their cards will often miss and countering will become a crapshoot. Its understandably pricey, but just might be worth it. Especially, if the opponent relies on [scryfall]Negate[/scryfall]s and [scryfall]Essence Scatter[/scryfall]s. Or [scryfall]Sphinx’s Revelation[/scryfall].

[scryfall]Act of Treason[/scryfall]s are for mirrors, but I bet they’d be handy in plenty of situatons. [scryfall]Vandalblast[/scryfall] is pretty obvious, although I might have overdone them.

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