EDH Magical Christmas Wonderland, Theros Edition

What is Magical Christmas Wonderland? Its the situation where the full potential of a card is exhibited. Things just fall into place and the card that’s just been sitting in your hand for a while becomes key and just leaves your opponent wandering whether he should have ever taken up the game.

I did go only for situations which are actually very much possible, but still, just based on these, you could easily overevaluate these cards. Also, I’m not going very deep. Just a few ideas on a few cards. Feel free to add your own.

Here’s some ideas on Theros…

[scryfall]Defend the Hearth[/scryfall]

At first look seems like yet another [scryfall]Fog[/scryfall] variant which will soon be forgotten with the likes of… [scryfall]Spore Cloud[/scryfall] or [scryfall]Moment’s Peace[/scryfall]. But I see strenght in this one. Since this is the Magical Christmas Wonderland, I can see as much strength as I wish.

So, think about this: You have a few blockers, but not enough. They are bigger than your opponents. They just can’t block all the attackers and you are low in life. So, just [scryfall]Defend the Hearth[/scryfall] and you’re good. You’ll be able to pick of some of the attackers, hopefully enough. Then you’ll just swing back or keep your team back as blockers.

[scryfall]Prescient Chimera[/scryfall]

Think [scryfall]Talrand, Sky Summoner[/scryfall] and loads of cantrips. Since you probably don’t need all the lands in your deck after you can cast your commander, you will be able to skip those unnecessary lands and skim through your deck, birthing a bunch of those drakes.

[scryfall]Melek, Izzet Paragon[/scryfall] is another choice. With plenty of sorceries and instants in the deck, the chimera can keep Melek going.

[scryfall]Agent of Fates[/scryfall]

Heroic seems pretty poor, especially in EDH, but since we are in MCW, how about a card with buyback? Say, [scryfall]Imps’ Taunt[/scryfall]. Ok, our agent has to attack, but obviously at least one player will be totally open after a couple of sacs.

[scryfall]Prophet of Kruphix[/scryfall]

I just had to leave this last, because the possibilities are just so … awesome. And not ‘awesome’ in some pseudo-sarcastic way, but really, really awesome. Think [scryfall]Momir Vig, Simic Visionary[/scryfall]. I probably don’t have to explain any further, but I’ll do it anyway.

First, you can get the Prophet with Momir. After that, just keep finding new Simic-creatures and you’ll be pretty much able to dump you deck between your turns. Simic creatures on top of Simic creatures… Maybe get a [scryfall]Soul of the Harvest[/scryfall] into play at some point just to deck yourself for the heck of it.

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