Fun with Jadelight Ranger

This guy. Or girl. Admittedly, I don’t know, but I’m guessing (based on human prejudices) that it’s a woman.

When she resolves, there’s just so many things that can happen and there’s just so many ways this can go.

Since we are looking at two cards, there four ways those cards can be ordered. They can either be Land-Land, Land-Spell, Spell-Land or Spell-Spell. The problem is that it’s highly dependant on the situation which of these you want.

Need those lands to play that [scryfall]Glorybringer[/scryfall] a couple of turns later? Drawing two lands isn’t that bad. Have ten lands in play and a couple more in hand already, quite bad. On the other hand, drawing those would have been much worse. You do end up paying three mana for a 2/1, but there is definitely benefit to digging deeper into your deck. It doesn’t really matter how much mana you are using on that anyhow, if you plenty of unused mana.

How about this? You have a spell on top, but it’s not a very good one. However, a 4/3 would be pretty good on the board. What do you do? Do you keep the poor to mediocre card on top to gain that extra counter at the cost of digging one deeper in your deck? There must be situations where that’s exactly the right play. You don’t need to draw it anyhow, because you can use the second explore to get rid of it. You just miss on the opportunity to see one card more.

When is that worth risking the counter? That is highly dependent on the board state and what you expect to happen. Sometimes 3/2 is just as good as a 4/3 (for example, when there’s a 3/1 waiting to trade). Sometimes a 4/3 can change the whole game.

Scrying is a difficult proposition in general, but scrying once and then scrying again requires a whole new level of decision making. You can be more willing to bin the first card, while the second one should be little less so. Then again, it might be a land, in which case you won’t have to make that decision, but you want know that before you are there.

Or maybe you could use her as a part of a strategy that relies on the graveyard and freely put everything there. Don’t have mana for that [scryfall]Noxious Gearhulk[/scryfall] in the foreseeable future? Just bin it and maybe return it to play with [scryfall]Liliana, Death’s Majesty[/scryfall] some time later. Or maybe you would rather pay for to [scryfall]The Scarab God[/scryfall] for that [scryfall]Gonti, Lord of Luxury[/scryfall], because why not? Makes [scryfall]Champion of Wits[/scryfall] look pretty weak in comparison.

What if you have a [scryfall]Treasure Map[/scryfall] and can scry before the explore. Do you leave a land on top? Or a spell for that matter. Again, this is highly dependant on the situation.

And of course, after all this consideration, you’ll just draw those two lands… This is a card with a very low floor and a very high ceiling, but your control over it might be quite limited, unless you have the right tools.

I don’t actually know how I feel about the whole mechanic. This is partly because I haven’t had much of a chance to play it. It sure is powerful, but it is also quite volatile.

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