My Favorite Sideboard Cards

Not the best or the most flexible ones, just the ones I enjoyed the most. Usually ones with weird interactions or ones that do something special in that specific deck. Basically just stuff I tried out.

[card]Living Lore[/card]

[draft]Living Lore[/draft]

I played the monoblue [card]Brain in a Jar[/card] deck for a while. The idea was to sift through the deck casting random instants and sorceries until you hit critical mass in your graveyard and then cast [card]Rise from the Tides[/card]. Alternative way to win was to chain [card]Part the Waterveil[/card]s. It was definitely an interesting deck. I just felt I needed to have another avenue to victory after sideboarding, so I brought in these beauties. Opponents would, of course, cut most removal from their decks, so it was pretty invulnerable. It was also a way to dodge discard. Because [card]Transgress the Mind[/card] was the prevalent discard spell in Standard at the time, I would use something like [card]Nagging Thoughts[/card] to put the targets into the graveyard before giving them legs.

[card]Possibility Storm[/card]

[draft]Possibility Storn[/draft]

So, I was playing this horrible monored tokens deck in Standard. It’s one of those “please don’t try this at home” things. It was running stuff like [card]Molten Birth[/card], [card]Goblin Rally[/card] and [card]Ogre Battledriver[/card] in it to combo out and kill the opponent. Every once in a while the opponent would stumble and I would just rush them, but sadly, the deck didn’t do much against the prevalent deck of the time: [card]Sphinx’s Revelation[/card] based control decks. So, what to do? [card]Possibility Storm[/card] was the answer. Not a good one, because it costs five and can still be [card]Detention Sphere[/card]d, but on the other hand, they basically couldn’t cast Revelation or counter anything while that thing was on the table.

[card]Archwing Dragon[/card]

[draft]Archwing Dragon[/draft]

Four mana 4/4 with flying and haste sounds pretty good. There is a drawback though. Then again, if the removal opponents are running is sorcery speed… What else am I going to do with all that mana in a monored aggro anyhow?

[card]Profaner of the Dead[/card]

[draft]Profaner of the Dead[/draft]

The greatest thing about this is that I managed to talk other people into playing it as well. We were playing a Bant tokens deck when [card]Collected Company[/card] was the biggest thing in Standard. Profaner would just decimate that deck. [card]Gideon, Ally of Zendikar[/card] was the one who usually had to take a hit for the team, but I guess that’s sort of his job.

[card]Ranger’s Guile[/card]

[draft]Ranger’s Guile[/draft]

This is my hipster inclusion in the sense “I was Ranger’s Guiling long before [card]Blossoming Defense[/card]”. Now everyone seems to be playing Defense in my LGS, but back in the day catching my opponents off-guard with it was always fun, because no-one expected it. I would generally run maybe one or two only, because they would definitely catch on.

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