My Battle for Zendikar Brews in Popularity Order

Just in case someone is interested (well, I am), here a listing of all the brews I wrote about in the site and how much they’ve been loaded thusfar. Of course, they are still being read actively, so this might change and some of them have been on the site way longer than others. I’m not going to go any deeper (like average readers per day), because that is also flawed in its own way and this is just for fun anyhow.

# Name loads
6 Monoblack Aggro 835
1 Jund Eldrazi 792
4 Four Color Allies 614
7 RG Landfall 534
8 Rakdos Aggro 344
9 Sultai Wealth 286
2 Monogreen Landfall 235
3 Smothering Abomination 232
5 Wb Swarm 172
10 Colorless 130
11 The Brand New Atarka Red 88

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