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Lauri has been bugging me to do this, but the problem is, I don’t know how to make this funny or interesting. I’ve given this a lot of thought. Probably too much, actually. But, during the Flow Festival in Helsinki, I had an epiphany of sorts.

I was watching the Kraftwerk gig. You know, one of the most important pop groups in the history of music. There was a group of eight or so people. Lets call them hipster for the lack of a better word. These hipsters spent about 20 minutes there. Not actually listening to the music or following what was happening in the 3D show, but instead they spent the time recording themselves at the Kraftwerk gig. After they were done, they simply left.

The other side of hipsterism in our common imagination is trying to find small gems of cultural history which was unknown to others, or enjoying abandoned parts of our culture.

Therefore, this totally untested (and it will remain so, if it depends on me) format has the following rules of deckbuilding (be it 60 card, EDH, or some sort of cube):

1. All cards must be either foil, altered, or gold bordered (which obviously aren’t legal otherwise)
2. All cards must be of the earliest possible printing (remembering the first rule, as obviously the oldest cards weren’t printed in foil)
3. All cards besides the basic lands must have a community rating of 2 or less on Gatherer.

The last one might be a bit difficult as the community ratings are often quite arbitrary (see Runeclaw Bear vs. the classic Grizzly Bears. Live with it and please don’t mess with the ratings to get a card to be legal in this format.

Anyhow, the important thing is that you are more interested in appearances than actual quality of cards or gameplay. I get that there are probably Johnnys out there, who would actually enjoy this as a challenge, and more power to you, but in general, try this only ironically. Or post-ironically, or whatever.

One thought on “Post-Modern Format

  1. Thank you kind sir. I’ve been waiting for this. Quite an interesting idea and I can already see someone in our very own gaming group who would not only love this kind of a deck but actually already has one…

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