RopeCon 2013, part Saturday, ad addendum (MustaJumala)

Forgot about a random encounter I had in the sauna at the hotel.

This wasn’t a long encounter, but I just met some guy who had just had a lecture on spying in RPGs. The Finnish descriptions can be found here and here. I generally don’t go to these lectures, but maybe I should have. A very interesting topic and from the short discussion I had with him, I think the guy had a very interesting perspective, putting emphasis on the individual and how one copes with the circumstances spies and agents are put in.

Furthermore, when I asked him about the system he’d use for such a game, he recommended Gumshoe with perhaps elements from Stalker. I have played neither of them, but I am sort of familiar with what they are about. Sounds very good, actually. Especially, if you want to play in the style of lets say Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, where the pressures of the job are immense and often get to you.

Maybe someone should do a AW-hack based on this.

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