Writing Cliques & Powers

cliquesnpowers3Yesterday’s ramblings about stealing and using or losing it didn’t spark from nothing. It was inspired (more or less) from last Friday’s gaming session.

For a few years now I have had a custom of gathering my oldest friends for sauna and roleplaying games in January. This year it almost didn’t happen since we had a chance of location. We ended up not having a sauna but we did have great time with my newest game Cliques & Powers.

It all started out as a joke. I just randomly asked that wether we should have a fantasy or teenage type of game. My players immediately got excited about playing teenagers and I got stuck with creating such a game. As usual I went with Archipelago. Continue reading

My Take on the RopeCon 2014 Scenario Competition

I’ve shared my general ideas on the subject before, as well as abandoned idea. This is building on that.

You can find the scenario itself under Resources on top of the page, or here: Elämäni supersankarina (in English: MyLifeasaSuperhero – there’s a proofread version coming when I have the chance).

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Got My Plaque for Winning the Scenario Contest Today

As I wasn’t at the ceremony, it took a bit of wrangling to find someone who was going to be there, which in turn lead to me not getting this until today.


On the right, you have the fuzzy dice given to me by Lauri on behalf of the Guild for winning.

BTW, I don’t know if the scenario is available on the RopeCon site yet, but its available here both in Finnish and English. The latter has not been proof-read, but it shouldn’t have any major problems. You can also find both under the Resources on top of the page.

Elämäni supersankarina

My Life as a Superhero

I’ll be back later to discuss the whole thing in length.