Fate Reforged Brew, no. 1

Its kind of early with only two cards available, but each of them is good enough to push certain archetypes. I’m guessing Crux of Fate will be played more, as the UB Control archetype already exists, as well as Mardu Planeswalkers, so there are decks you can easily add it to.

Personally, that’s dull and I’m much more interested in what Yasova Dragonclaw will do to the format.

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EDH Pauper Deck Time: Species Gorger

I mentioned this possibility before in my article on my Crypt Rats deck. There I was thinking that this deck might be a little too much EDH and not enough Pauper. However, despite this, Species Gorger definitely has an appeal to me as a commander. Its just a matter of finding enough creatures with ETB and LTB abilities at common.

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