Asking Help from Community

Roleplaying communities in internet are a beautiful thing. Back in the day when we played Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay I was really active on Strike-to-Stun. I quickly learned that if I had a problem or wanted to change ideas an international community of likeminded players was a great place to start. Now we haven’t played WFRP in ages but I still visit the communities because I want to keep up with the people there.

There are a lot of rpg communities all around the web. There are dedicated forums, publisher’s forums, Facebook and (my personal favorite) Google+ for example. Combine them and you have almost unlimited resources of information and ideas. Ask help and you will get it.

Most of the time.

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A Paean to Ropecon

If you ever went to Ropecon in Dipoli you know that the place is hard to forget, with its architecture of stone, glass, light wood, dark metal, and its hostility to straight angles. It offered a milieu for roleplaying (and other things) that felt home-made, welcoming, and original, but still professional enough. It wasn’t perfect and like everything that’s dear, you both loved and hated parts of it. The sucky bits were parts of the charm, so much so that I can’t even bear to write anything stronger than “sucky bits”.

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Inspiration from Actual Caves

2015-12-28_2550A little over a year ago I got really excited while visiting my first actual Finnish cave. To be fair I must say that caves in Finland are not elaborate systems but usually formed by broken boulders or split bedrock. That doesn’t mean that they are boring – actually this makes them even more interesting.

Since the caves in Finland tend to be small and cramped we have our own definition of what counts as a cave. A cave has to be big enough for 2-3 adults to fit into or has geological or historical meaning. Due our history this usually means holes where someone has been hiding during Great Northern War or places where local shaman and/or witch lived.

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The Tribe

I was watching the Magic Mics a while back. Its a podcast about Magic: the Gathering culture and since they were hitting their one-year anniversary, they decided to talk about something special: How Magic had affected their lives. Here, Erin Campbell, brought up “choosing your tribe”. She meant it as something positive, but it does sound to me like some high-schooler bullshit from an unimaginative movie.

Not only that, but for me it brings to mind two kind of negative connotations.

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Learning from Games

We play games, because they are fun. However, then the question becomes, why are they fun? Why do we enjoy them so much? Why is simulating some (often mundane) activity in a very abstract way so pleasurable? Because we have an innate need to push ourselves and games are a great way to do that.

Yeah, this is once again one of those ‘serious’ topics…

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On Being a Nerd

I was out walking today. The total time I was out was about an hour and a half, maybe a little bit more. I didn’t actually get that much walking done (although, I walked enough), because I stopped several times to make notes on a problem I’ve been thinking about lately.

Its of the mathematical kind. Its nothing important and someone who does this more regularly would probably come up with a solution pretty quickly, but I still haven’t found one that satisfies me.

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Pro Tour Shadows over Innistrad Preparation (as an Amateur), pt. 1

First of all, I’m not qualified to play, but as my business partner (of Sensei’s Divining Shop fame) and friend, Lauri, is, I decided to join him in testing. It doesn’t hurt that I live in Finland and the testing is going to happen in Spain… Also, I’m currently enjoying my sabbatical (in other words unemployed, with pretty good savings), so why not?

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