Card Design by Dreaming

The problem with many white-collar jobs is that you never really let go of your work. Your brain is always working on something. I have realized in my dreams that there’s a bug in my code, woken up, went to read the code and seen that I was right. I have solved mathematical problems in while sleeping. Yesterday, I came up with a very interesting card design in a dream.

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People I Met at GP Toronto

There aren’t GPs in Europe during my (rather long) summer vacation, so I decided to go to Canada instead. In many ways an interesting experience, but I’ll stick to talking about the GP itself here. This was my 20th Grand Prix and as far as I remember, the first one since my second one where there weren’t plenty of other Finnish players who I already knew.

In fact, the only person I did know before hand, was Charlotte, a level three rules expert, who runs tha Ask a Magic Judge Tumblr. I know her from judging circles back in Finland, but she’s originally from Canada, so it was natural for her to be there for this event.

Anyhow, when you don’t travel in a group, you tend to mix more with different people, so I would like to talk about some of them.

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Hour of Devastation Brews, pt. 4 – UR Flash

As usual, there are some potentially very impactful cards hidden in the final bunch of spoilers. One of them could very well be this one.


I didn’t really expect that to be back any time soon, as they have recently nerfed this ability somewhat, but it is a good answer to Eternalize. However, in Standard, just the tempo can also be important.

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