Aki’s Top 100 Movies 2015, Introduction

I’ve made a list of my personal top 100 films for every five years for a while now. Actually, this is the third time, so that’s ten years. Why do I do this? Because I’m interested in how my tastes change and a bit of introspection is never bad for you.

I also like the process. I enjoy sitting back and thinking whether I actually enjoy La Strada or Scott Pilgrim vs. the World more. In a way its absurd to compare so disparate movies, but who cares. Its all for fun anyhow.

Why should you be interested? Well, that’s a bit more problematic.

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Guild Redemund Holiday Gift Guide 2014

I know we’re a bit late on this, but it felt like a good idea, so here’s a short one anyway. Perhaps we’ll have one in good time next year. (No, we won’t.)

Note that we are not getting any money for any of the links. They might not be the best sources, but they were the ones I found first (well, in some cases they are the only sources). Anyhow, do your own research if you want the best deal.

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