Magical History of Hydras

Another green topic? Yes. Although, actually they were red at first.

The hydra of greek mythology was about growth. When it lost a head, two more sprung up. While that was exactly what the early versions went for, this proved quite difficult from design point of view, so they are more about +1/+1 counters and often scaling up when the game goes long.

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My Knowledge of Movies

Since I’m a strange, introverted bastard (well, being a bastard doesn’t have much to do with the rest of this article, but indeed, my parents weren’t married when I was born), I began reflecting on what I actually know about movies. This began with me watching Last Year in Marienbad and thus stumbling upon a branch of French New Wave known as Left Bank. According to Wikipedia, Left Bank looked at movies as one more art form among others, while the core New Wave people were more about finding a language of its own for their movies.

Anyhow, it got me thinking: If I hadn’t heard of this movement, which apparently has some historical signifance, how much do I really know about movies? Can I quantify it somehow?

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Why I Still Collect Movies on Physical Media

Due to my job situations, I moved recently. I had a lot of personal property. I had lived in my previous apartment for seven years and even though I had given away books at various times, mostly I had pretty much been hoarding stuff. Not really in the psychological problem sense, but I had a lot of things I had no real use for.

Therefore I gave away a huge chunk of it. I gave away well over a 1000 CDs, I gave away around hundred World of Darkness books, I ditched a lot of books, and about two thirds of my boardgame collection (around 80 games, I believe) and that was only the beginning.

However, I did not give away or get rid of any of my DVDs or BluRays. And here’s why.

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A Story About a Good Guy in the Community

Recently, there’s been a lot of negative stories about the gamer community. Allegations of sexual misconduct, trolling or even harassment, sexism, theft, counterfeits, whatever. A lot of stuff going on. So, I decided I’d tell a little story of a good guy in our community. Nothing major in the big picture, but the good deeds are rarely as visible or talked about as the bad ones.

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